At Countryside Animal Hospital we pride ourselves not only on client education but student education as well. Dr. Charlton believes that it is important to contribute whatever we can, when it comes to education and training, to the future veterinarians and veterinary technicians of our community. She has established a volunteer program within Countryside Animal Hospital to do just that. Here students will gain knowledge and exposure to all aspects of veterinary medicine in order for them to determine if this is truly the right career choice for them. Volunteers are exposed to general medicine, acupuncture and holistic medicine, surgical procedures, client interaction, critical care and much more.

The program is not established for any certain length of time. It can be canceled at anytime by the volunteer or Countryside Animal Hospital.

If you are interested, please fill out the volunteer application form below. Please do not get discouraged if you do not hear back from us right away as we have many students awaiting a position to open.

Download Volunteer Application Form