December 2016

Merry Christmas!

We donated the cost of toe nail trims and anal gland expressions to help A Place for Grace this past holiday season.

November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

We donated food to The Saint Cloud Food Pantry to help feed local families for Thanksgiving.

Barktober 2016

 This October, we helped the Saint Cloud Fire Department raise a little under 1,100 dollars to help women in our community with Breast Cancer.

September 2016

Soldier Appreciation Month

We sent food and supplies over seas to our soldier from all of our donations, toe nail trims and anal gland expression funds.

~Thank you for your support!

July – August 2016

School Drive!!!

We donated a little over $1000 in school supplies to A Place For Gracefrom all of our toe nail trims and anal gland expressions.